Living Large: Ready to Upsize to a Larger Home?

Many start small when they purchase their first home. But as families grow, and lifestyles evolve, modest homes can become less practical for some. The desire to upsize can be fueled by basic logistics, lifestyle changes or personality preferences. Whatever the reason, there are important considerations that need to be factored in when you’ve decided to invest in living large.

Most of my clients come to the table with some hard numbers in mind, and that’s a good starting point. But a lot more should to be considered than just square feet and bedrooms before we can start the search. Client’s needs are as unique as are the larger homes on the market. Finding a good fit starts with conversations about work, recreation, lifestyle, budget and family. Where you’re at right now will change, so looking ahead is important too. Having a clearer sense of what you want will not only help in finding your new home sooner, it can also prevent post-purchase issues that may lead to disappointment down the road. You need a Realtor who can ask the right questions and put all the potentials in front of you with each particular property.

For instance:

  • When determining your new budget, you need to make sure you are factoring in accurate utility and insurance increases as well. Other costs that you may not have considered can be unforeseen during your search, such as house cleaning, furnishing and costs related to upkeep and rehabilitation.
  • It’s important to evaluate how well that additional space is laid out. Convenience and accessibility is a more important consideration in a bigger home and issues are often overlooked. For instance, large rooms with small doors can be more common than you realize in Baltimore City and pose a real inconvenience when trying to move in furnishings. A conversation with what you hope to do with each room can help identify potential issues that you may not have thought of.
  • Larger homes have different upkeep needs and considerations. Make sure your home inspector is experienced in evaluating homes of similar space and structure so nothing important is missed.

If you’re interested in getting more information on living large, give me a call so we can make sure you’re aware of all the details associated with the change. Done right, there is no reason why upsizing can be all you hoped it would be.

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